Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Ed Dale Team located?

Our team of realtors work out of the RE/MAX Professionals office, located at 1601 Buffalo Place, Winnipeg. Visit us at unit #18!

What areas do the Ed Dale Team specialize in?

We're specialists in the South Winnipeg market. Our key neighbourhoods are Bridgwater, Crescentwood, Island Lakes,  Linden Woods, Richmond West, River Park South, River Pointe, Royalwood, Sage Creek, Southdale, South Pointe, St Vital, Van Hull Estates, Whyte Ridge. Although, we still take on real estate requests from all over Winnipeg!

What type of marketing do you offer?

Our marketing methods are extensive to say the least. All of our media is professionally shot and edited. We target all social media platforms and our network is always expanding. Our Facebook Home Tour ads gain thousands of views within days of being released. Plus, we still appreciate old fashioned, tactile methods like “Just Sold” postcards and real estate calendars.

I'm looking to purchase a house, what can I expect from your office?

Our goal is to make the real estate process as simple and fun as possible. We will complete extensive research and bring you facts on the location, pricing, and key info. Your lifestyle will always be considered and we will be with you every step of the way.

What is real estate?

Real estate is defined as property consisting of land or buildings.

What is a real estate agent’s responsibility?

A realtor's responsibility depends on if the client is selling or buying real estate.

  • Selling agents will take on the marketing aspect, showing your home, and finding buyers. This includes real estate market research, determining an asking price, verifying the buyers eligibility, negotiating, etc.
  • Buying agents will research appropriate homes, send you mls listings, and attend showings with you. This includes extensive research on the property and neighborhood, outline all of the costs, negotiating, etc.

Why is real estate the best investment?

The top benefits of investing in real estate are: 

  • Earning Rental Income
  • Great Tax Deductions
  • You’re Building Equity.
  • There are Leverage and Financing Options

What are real estate lawyers?

Your Real Estate Agent will help guide and advise you through most aspects of the home buying/selling process, but it is a Real Estate Lawyer who will help you navigate through all the legal requirements. Such as reviewing, preparing, and processing legal documents pertaining to real estate transactions. An attorney will ensure the transfer is legal, binding, and in the best interests of the client. Read our blog to find out more about real estate lawyers.

Are real estate agents essential workers?

Yes, realtors are essential workers in Canada. Housing is a basic necessity and relocating cannot always be avoided or delayed. Although, throughout the pandemic, many agents were advising their clients to hold off on buying/selling when possible.

Are real estate fees tax deductible for rental properties?

If you paid commissions to a real estate agent when selling your rental property, include them as outlays and expenses on Schedule 3, Capital Gains (or Losses), when you report the disposition of your property. Reference.

Are real estate agents necessary or is it better to represent yourself?

There is no legal obligation to work with a realtor when selling/buying real estate. They are, however, extremely beneficial during the process. You will have an expert on the current market, someone to provide advice on locations, a marketing specialist, and the list goes on. If you’re thinking about selling your own property, you will want to read this blog first!

Is there real estate for sale near me?

There are most likely real estate opportunities near you! Check out our Team’s listings and Brokerage’s listings. Can’t find anything nearby? Reach out! We’ll be happy to help.

How much are realtor fees?

In Manitoba, real estate commission rates are typically between 4-5% of the sale price of the property. This is the combined real estate commission for both the buyer and seller agents. Approximately 90% of real estate agents in Manitoba split the commission 50/50 or half-and-half between the buyer and seller agent. This means that if the total commission rate is 5%, then 2.5% will be paid to the buyer agent and 2.5% will be paid to the seller agent (also known as a listing agent). Reference.

How much will it cost to buy a house?

Buying a home is a big investment – likely the largest one you will ever make. The cost to buy a home should be carefully considered to avoid the risk of financial difficulty in the future.

Since this decision has a large impact on your wallet, we wrote a whole blog about the associated costs to purchasing a house in Winnipeg. Check it out here!


What type of mortgage can I apply for?

We’re here to bring you back to the days of chalkboards and textbooks to remind you of the importance of doing your homework to help make the most of your real estate investment. That's why we wrote a blog on the different types of mortgages you can apply for and application tips!


Where is Bridgwater located? Bridgwater is located in the southwest of Winnipeg, with east access on Arbour Meadow Gate off Waverley Street, and north access on south Kenaston Boulevard at Bishop Grandin Boulevard. 

Are there Architectural Guidelines in Bridgwater? Yes, there are guidelines in place to ensure the community's aesthetic remains. You can view the guidelines here. 

How many zones are in Bridgwater? There are four zones in Bridgwater. Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Trails and Bridgwater Centre.

Why would you recommend relocating to Bridgwater? New communities in Winnipeg are becoming more and more like all-inclusive resorts. Amenities are conveniently located right in the neighbourhood and Bridgwater is no different. To read why we suggest the neighbourhood, click here. 


Where is Crescentwood located? Crescentwood is a neighbourhood in the River Heights area. It is bordered on the north on Academy Road, on the east by the Assiniboine River, on the south by Corydon Avenue, and on the west by Cambridge Street. 

Is Crescentwood a historical area? Yes, it is! It's one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg: some of the first homes in that area were built in the late 1880's

Do houses in Crescentwood always get listed publicly? No, unfortunately not. Although, our team of realtors is well connected to the private listings within this area. If you're interested in this neighbourhood, we highly suggest you get in contact with our team.

Why would you recommend this neighbourhood? Buying a home in Crescentwood is exciting. Being only a few minutes from areas such as Osborne Village or the famous Corydon Avenue bars and restaurants is a convenience sought by residents of all ages. The neighbourhood is a mix of young, trendy adults and established homeowners. Read more about this neighbourhood here.


Where is Island Lakes located? Island Lakes is located in the ward of St. Boniface at the southeast corner of the city. It is bordered by Bishop Grandin Boulevard to the north, Lagimodiere Boulevard to the east, the Perimeter Highway to the south, and the Canadian Pacific Railway's Emerson line to the west.

When was Island Lakes developed? Development started in 1985 but continued on throughout the early 2000s. A large portion of the area remains undeveloped and it is used for farmland. 

Is there a lot of crime in Island Lakes? Island Lakes is considered a very safe neighbourhood. The crime rate is 27% lower than the national average and the property crime rate is 30% lower than the national average. 

Why would you recommend relocating to Island Lakes? Island Lakes is a neighbourhood where your kids can play safely, make lots of friends, and you can own a modern home in a comfortable suburb. The area feels like a small town, but with all of the conveniences of city life. Learn more about Island Lakes here.


Where is Linden Woods located? Linden Woods is a neighbourhood in the Fort Garry area of southwest Winnipeg. 

Are there bus routes in Linden Woods? Yes, Winnipeg Transit is available in Linden Woods. The major bus routes are 78, 641, 642, 650, and 677. 

Does Linden Woods have a lot of amenities? Anybody that knows somebody who lives in Linden Woods, knows the residents don't leave the area often. Why would they? They're surrounded by restaurants, retail shops, parks, schools, entertainment, etc., basically everything you can ask for. 

Why would you recommend living in Linden Woods? Linden Woods in the summer is hard to beat. With the beautiful green boulevards, parks, lakes, trails, and plenty of trees, its natural beauty is unmatched. Aesthetically speaking, it truly is a green neighbourhood. Read more about Linden Woods here.


Where is Richmond West located? Richmond West is a suburb in the Waverly West area. It's located north of the Perimeter Highway, east of Waverley Street, west of Pembina Highway, and south of Bison Drive.

What type of residents live in Richmond West? Due to their proximity to the University of Manitoba, many professors and students call the area home. With over 20 languages spoken by its 8,200 residents, it truly is a community that emulates the Canadian cultural mosaic.

Are there a lot of amenities in Richmond West? Since Richmond West is located between Pembina Hwy and Waverly Street, you have several options for restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment.

Why would you recommend living in this neighbourhood? From single-family homes to modern condominiums to retirement options, there is a home option for nearly everyone and nearly every budget! It's a great choice for first-time homebuyers, families or retired couples.  Learn more about what the area has to offer here.


Where is River Park South located? The perimeter highway, Dakota Street, River Road and St Mary's Rd borders the area. 

How many homes are in the area? There are approximately 8,000 homes, including houses of all different sizes and condos. 

Are there schools or daycares in River Park South? This location is very family-friendly. It has numerous schools, daycares, and nurseries available. There are seven primary schools and one high school for students to attend within the community. 

Why do you suggest living in this neighbourhood? River Park South in the summer is hard to beat. With beautiful green boulevards, parks, lakes, trails and shimmering trees, its natural beauty frames the neighbourhood perfectly. Moreover, when the residents come outside to explore the neighbourhood, the feeling is electric! Read more here!


Where is River Pointe located? A parcel of land along the Red River, and only minutes away from St. Vital Centre.

What kind of houses are in this area? This small, but an affluent area of Winnipeg features a mix of executive-style homes and more modest premium homes as well.

Are there nearby amenities? Yes! St Vital Shopping Centre is around a 5-10 minute drive. All of the conveniences St Vital has to offer are welcomed to River Pointe.

Why would you recommend relocating to this area? River Pointe is located in such a great space, it makes for an ideal place to raise a family, but also one for empty nesters to build their dream home! Read more about this neighbourhood here.


Where is Royalwood located? The neighbourhood borders Island Lakes and the Seine River. With access points from Bishop Grandin and St. Anne’s Road, Royalwood faces the Seine Riverbanks.

What is Royalwood known for? Royalwood is full of organic elements and breath-taking views of nature. It's the home to the Seine River and Bois-des-Esprits.

What type of residents live in this area? The quiet neighbourhood consists of married couples (85% of residents) and households with children (55% of residents).

Why would you recommend living here? The neighbourhood offers acres of trails following the Seine River, weaving in and out of the community creating safe, ideal places for after-dinner walks or playing with the kids. If you like to enjoy time outside, Royalwood is for you. Read more about the area here!


Where is Sage Creek located? Sage Creek is located between the city of Winnipeg and the Rural Municipality of Springfield.

What is Sage Creek known for? When you visit Sage Creek, you're greeted by 61 acres of parklands and wildlife preserves. There are many open spaces and opportunities to enjoy nature at its finest.

Are there Architectural Guidelines in place? Sage Creek has housing style guidelines to ensure it remains a vibrant community. If you're building a new home, you still have customization and personalized styling options.

Why do you suggest moving to this neighbourhood? From their properties, residents can see the beautiful Canadian Goose making its voyage or hear the hoot of an owl. Those who love living close to nature, yet do not want to give up modern conveniences, will find Sage Creek to be the perfect home. Learn more about Sage Creek here!


Where is Southdale located? Southdale is nestled between Niakwa Place and The Mint. 

What's an attraction in Southdale? The Southdale Shopping Centre offers more than 54 brand name stores, plus it includes restaurants and service centres. 

When was Southdale developed? One of Winnipeg’s first modern planned communities, it's actually the very first neighbourhood in Winnipeg to include man-made lakes. Development originally started in the 60s when the land around Fermor and Lagimodiere was largely unoccupied.

Why should someone relocate to this neighbourhood? Spanning such a large area and comprising so many homes, Southdale really offers a unique community. The beautiful homes and large numbers of young families make it an attractive area for people with children, and it’s a safe place filled with motivated, hard-working people. Learn more about the area here!


Where is South Pointe located? South Pointe is in the Waverly West area, between South Pointe West and Richmond West.

What's the crime rate like in this area? The crime rate is 22% below the national average and property crime is 25% lower. 

What type of residents live in South Pointe? 86% of people in South Pointe are married, the average household income is $80K+, and the most common age bracket is between 25-44. 

Why do you recommend residing in South Pointe? South Pointe has some of the most beautiful modern housing options in Winnipeg. There is a home to match just about every taste. With gorgeous condominiums, custom-built single-family homes, lots backing onto natural wetlands, and so much more, there is something for everyone in this neighbourhood. Read more about the area here!


Where is St Vital located? St Vital is bounded on the north by Carrière Avenue; on the south by the northern limit of the Rural Municipality of Ritchot; on the west by the Red River; and on the east by the Seine River, except for the part lying south of the Perimeter Highway, which extends east across the Seine to the boundary of the RM of Springfield.

What's a fun fact about St Vital? The Riel House National Historic Site contains Louis Riel's family home, where his descendants continued to live until 1969. It is here, in the living room of his mother's house, that Riel's body laid in state for two days in December 1885. The house itself, a Red River frame building (a style of construction popular for this region) has been restored to reflect the spring of 1886. Reference.

Are there a lot of amenities in St Vital? You bet! St Vital Mall is the second-largest mall in Winnipeg. Jardins St-Léon Gardens is Winnipeg’s only Francophone outdoor market. Not to mention, the area has dozens of restaurants and convenience stores. 

Why should someone reside here? While new communities seem to keep going up around Winnipeg, some of the best properties can be found within the older neighbourhoods. Being over 100 years in age, St. Vital has developed alongside the city. Read more about the neighbourhood here!


Where is Van Hull Estate located? The area borders Normand Park and the Red River – right at St. Mary’s and Ward.

What type of community is Van Hull Estates? Van Hull Estates is considered an affluent neighbourhood, with large and luxurious single-family homes blanketing the streets. These homes sit atop deliberate and beautiful landscaping, and themselves are built with elegance and an eye for detail – something their residents expect.

How many homes are in Van Hull Estates? There are only 200 residential units, therefore, when a home listing becomes available for sale, they move quickly. If you're interested in this community, we highly recommend contacting our office asap! 

Why would you suggest moving to this community? The area recently finished its last build in 2013. One of the benefits of living in a new/modern planned community is the environmental considerations taken by the builder. In an effort to preserve nearby ecosystems, much of the original wetlands from the area were recreated, and 12 acres of riverside parkland were preserved. Read more here!


Where is Whyte Ridge located? The area is in the Waverley Westward in the southwest corner of Winnipeg. The subdivision was built on former farmland, just south of a small townsite that was historically known as Fort Whyte. 

When was Whyte Ridge developed? Plans for Whyte Ridge originally started in 1978, although because of the recession, they were delayed until 1985. Construction started in 1986 and development phases continued on until the '90s. 

Are there schools nearby? Yes!  Whyte Ridge School offers elementary classes while Henry G. Izatt is the local middle school. High school students often attend Vincent Massey Collegiate – located off Pembina Highway, though some attend private schools in the city. The University of Manitoba is nearby as well. 

Why would you suggest moving to Whyte Ridge? Of all of Winnipeg’s newer communities, Whyte Ridge remains one young people strive for. Most first-time homebuyers cannot afford to move to Whyte Ridge but plan to do so by their second or third home. The idea of a family-focused neighbourhood that is both safe and maintains strong property values makes it very attractive to buyers. Learn more about this area here!