Originally established in 1904, Crescentwood is one of Winnipeg’s most prestigious and historical neighbourhoods. A mix of everything, you’ll find condos, apartments, and homes worth over $1 million. The experienced realtors on the Ed Dale RE/MAX agent Winnipeg team have worked with home buyers and sellers in the area for years and know what to look for.

What makes Crescentwood so special? That trait lies in the very fact it encompasses so much of what makes Winnipeg special – bordering some of its most popular neighbourhoods for nightlife and fun. Buying a home in Crescentwood is exciting. Being only a few minutes’ walk from areas such as Osborne Village or the famous Corydon Avenue bars and restaurants is a convenience sought by residents of all ages - especially young buyers. The neighbourhood is a mix of young, trendy adults and established homeowners.


While new communities seem to keep going up around Winnipeg, some of the best properties can be found within the city’s established communities. Being a neighbourhood of over 100 years in age, Crescentwood has developed alongside the city. With houses being renovated, additions being added, and old builds being razed and replaced, there is truly is something for everyone.

Original hundred-year-old homes, new builds, condos and apartments all exist in Crescentwood, offering price points for almost every budget. What works best for you? Talking to an expert is the best way to find out. Winnipeg’s top realtors can walk you through the buying process, figure out your budget, provide a list of closing fees (lawyers, etc.), and paint a picture of what your next home could be.

Spanning much of River Heights, including the famed Ivy League University streets and Wellington Crescent, and framed as ‘adjacent to River Heights’, living in Crescentwood is a treat. The historical architecture is still very much abound with original homes and apartment buildings dotting the landscape. New homes and infill projects are all done to high modern standards, and the area is even known to house a few architects’ homes, which all have their own unique styles.


Crescentwood is the place to be if you’re a fan of nightlife, the arts, or good food. As Winnipeg is well-known across Canada for its culinary prowess, many of the city’s most famous dining hotspots are only a 10-minute walk from the area. If you want to brave the parking on Corydon or Osborne, you can drive to your destination in under five minutes.

These two famous neighbourhoods are also known for their watering holes. Grabbing a drink is easy and fun when you are in the Corydon or Osborne areas. Summer nights see hundreds of people flock to these areas every night making them ideal spots to down a pint and do some people watching.

As a homeowner in Crescentwood, you have the added safety of being able to walk home in very little time if you’ve had a few drinks. You can also save plenty of money on cab or rideshare fares.

Real estate listings in the area don’t last long. Being one of the most in-demand areas of Winnipeg means houses come and go quickly. If you’re looking to buy a home or condo in Crescentwood, talking to one of Winnipeg’s top realtors is the best way to get started. The Ed Dale RE/MAX Team can make sure new listings aren’t snatched up before you get a chance to see them.


While walking down a street in Crescentwood, it’s hard not to feel the history of the area. Apartment blocks made of deep brown brick, some with carriage lanes, houses with carriage houses in their front or back yards, massive barn-style homes with enough rooms to fit a family of ten – some with servants’ quarters. The area feels like it is straddling the modern world and a bygone era – and it is beautiful.

Crescentwood truly captures the spirit of turn of the century wealth and elegance, while still providing homes to people from all economic backgrounds. With period character homes, resto-modern builds, and completely new infill builds, the landscape offers a lot of variety, but the styles all work together.

Because of the natural beauty and architecture in the area, Crescentwood homes are often used to film movies in Winnipeg’s booming film industry. Streets canopied by tree tunnels from hundred-year-old trees are a common site in this neighbourhood, giving something as simple as going for a walk the ability to make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie.

The homes sold in Crescentwood by the Ed Dale Team (one of the top real estate teams in Winnipeg) are all held to our high standards for quality and safety. The variety of builds in the neighbourhood means home listings are flexible. You can get into a starter home just as easily as a forever home – and for those looking for luxury, Crescentwood delivers.

There are several homes available right now in Crescentwood. Unfortunately, not all of these are listed publicly. The Ed Dale Team can help buyers get a clearer picture of the Crescentwood real estate market.


One concern top of mind for new home buyers in Winnipeg is schools. Where will your children go to school? Will it be close by? How will they make their daily commute? Is it safe?

Crescentwood has many schooling choices for families. One of the very first buildings in the area was the historic St. Mary’s Academy. This private school for girls is the natural progression for students coming from Balmoral Hall, located just across the river on Westminster.

The public-school stream offers numerous schools for students. There are French Immersion and English streams for families to choose from – with Kelvin High School offering diplomas in both languages.

For those planning to attend post-secondary, The University of Winnipeg is closest, but the University of Manitoba isn’t very far away – being located in the South End. Buses go to both schools making it easy for students without a vehicle.

Crescentwood is a great place to raise a family. Their schools are known for excellence and your children will have every opportunity available to them. New home listings in Crescentwood don’t often last long as the neighbourhood is extraordinarily popular. If you’re looking for a home in Crescentwood you’ll need a professional, experienced, top realtor with the connections to find you the home of your dreams. From a starter home to a forever home the Ed Dale RE/MAX Team has you covered in Winnipeg.


Crescentwood is known for its proximity to some of Winnipeg’s best nightlife but owning a home in the neighbourhood also puts you right beside some of the city’s best shopping.

Chic entrepreneurs in Winnipeg want to open their businesses on Corydon Ave, Academy Rd, or Osborne St. Some of Winnipeg’s best locally owned businesses are only a five-minute car ride from most Crescentwood homes – not to mention other major retail staples. Some notable retail operations in the neighbourhood:

Polo Park Shopping Centre is located just over the bridge at Academy Road and Route 90 with numerous places to find something special or spend a day exploring.


In addition to all these nearby businesses, Crescentwood homes are almost 15 minutes away from any other notable entertainment spot in the city. Downtown hotspots such as the Bell MTS Place, Concert Hall, Manitoba Theatre Centre, and other great attractions are all just a quick trip across the bridge into downtown.

With Polo Park close by, the movie theatre is only a ten-minute drive away and a great place to see a movie on the big screen and unwind.

Part of the Crescentwood experience is wandering the neighbourhood and exploring all the historic homes. Parts of the neighbourhood still contain large groups of original turn of the century homes. You can truly get a sense of what it was like to walk down the street in Winnipeg in almost any period during the 1900s.


Although there are many places to buy a home in South Winnipeg, Crescentwood is the jewel. With its rich history, famous streets such as Wellington Crescent and the Ivy League schools, and some of the most beautiful turn of the century architecture Winnipeg has to offer, what are you waiting for?

There are homes to fit every price point in the area, from condos, to starter homes and mansions. While the range of price points is vast, the common denominator is style and natural beauty. Whether you live in a condo, a new build, or a classic home, the neighbourhood’s hundred-year charm is ever-present.

If you’re at home searching for ‘top realtors Winnipeg’ or ‘homes for sale Winnipeg’, you need not search any further. Take a look through the Crescentwood homes for sale listed here or contact the Ed Dale Team to see what else available. Our RE/MAX agents have the experience and connections to find the right home for you. Don’t miss out on your chance to live your dream and be sure to check out our other neighbourhood listings if you don’t see what you’re looking for here!