The Best Walking Trails in South Winnipeg From a Top Winnipeg Realtor

The Best Walking Trails in South Winnipeg From a Top Winnipeg Realtor

Spring and summer are just around the corner and as we all know, those seasons go by way too quick, here in Winnipeg. Trail walking and hiking are an amazing way to spend spring and summer so as a Top Winnipeg Realtor, we've compiled a short list of the best trails you can find in South Winnipeg. Make sure you explore these throughout the next few months!

Siene River

Seine River Greenway's Trail

Probably one of the most famous trails in Winnipeg, the Seine River Greenway is located in the Bois-des-Esprits forest right in the heart of Royalwood. During the 3.1 KM stroll, you will be immersed in beautiful scenic views, artistic tree carvings, and some sculptures. You may even spot a few deers or beavers at the right time of day! This trail can be used for walking, running, road biking, and mountain biking! Be careful though, there isn’t a lot of signage and it can be easy to lose your direction.

Bridgwater Forest Loop

This 5km route has several sights to stop and enjoy, including the charming public fountain and Crampton’s market. It gives you a little bit of everything: a heavily forested area, man-made lakes, meadows, and the gorgeous architecture of Bridgwater. It takes only an average of 36 minutes to complete and you're sure to run into many other people along the way. With wide, paved pathways, it’s ideal for walkers and bikers, whether you’re by yourself or in a group. Remember that dogs are also welcome, but be sure to keep them on a leash!

FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive - A Winnipeg Realtor Fave

Don’t be a local that passes up the opportunity to explore FortWhyte Alive. With 7km of trails full of crushed limestone, wildlife watching, and mountain biking areas, how can you overlook this adventure? It's the perfect way to get yourself into nature, without having to leave the city! It can be explored throughout any season, but Autumn will undoubtedly have the most striking sights. Plus, if you create zero emissions to get to the site (via foot or bike) your admission is free! It’s only a 17-minute bike ride from Whyte Ridge!

Munson Park

Munson Park

Munson Park is tiny in comparison to the other trails mentioned above, but it’s an excellent place to walk and enjoy the outdoors no matter your capability. It is just the sweetest little park with well-looked-after flower beds! There are plenty of benches if you need a break, the park is an ideal picnic spot, and you can easily explore the historic Crescentwood neighbourhood. The park is dog-friendly, but leases are required. And did you know that Munson Park was donated by the late Kathleen Richardson?

We hope these 4 great trails help you to have a better and healthier summer! As a Top Winnipeg Realtor, we know all the hidden gems around town! Get out there and check out the true beauty this city has to offer.