Tips From a Realtor in Winnipeg, on How to Get Your Home Summer Ready!

As a realtor in Winnipeg, I know how fast the summer goes around here, so you have to make the best of it! With the start of summer just over a month away, it’s time to dust off your gardening tools, barbecue, and air conditioners! Here are 4 tips on how to get your home summer ready.

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Fix Up Your Garden

If you’re an avid gardener or someone who likes to grow your own plants from scratch, this is probably something you’ve already started! But, if you’re like us and buy your flowers already in-bloom, it’s time to head to your local nursery and pick out a few. It's also not too late to grow veggies like carrots and green beans, that don't need to be started inside, during the winter months. Just make sure to clear out all the old leaves in your garden and maybe till the top inch or two of your soil.

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Touch Up the Exterior of Your Home

This is not only the perfect time to drag out all your patio furniture, but to also touch up the paint on the outside of your home and to clean out all the gutters. You never know whats ended up in your gutters after a full winter so it's best to clean them out now. You should also give all your windows a good clean on the inside and outside! Remember that brief touch-ups here and there can save you a lot of money in the future.

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Give Your BBQ a Good Clean

Be honest, how often do you give your barbecue the deep clean it deserves? Before all the summer dinners begin, make sure you give it a good scrub-down. The best way to do so is to set your barbecue to a high heat for about 10 minutes. That will loosen up any debris inside and make it easier for you to scrape off. If you really want to clean it out, you can remove the grates and burners as well. Give them a good soak as well.

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Break Out the Air Conditioners

Here in Winnipeg, we really rely on these. If you aren’t one of the lucky few with central air, it’s time to break out the heavy air conditioners. First, test it out and make sure everything is working as it should be. Then, if it applies to yours, swap out the filter. It’s important to do this early in the year so that if something is wrong with it, you have time to buy another one before they sell out! Air conditioners can become a precious commodity here in Winnipeg.

Those are the 4 main tips for getting a head start on your summer! Doing each of those now, will save you precious time in the sun, in the future. As a realtor in Winnipeg, I know how quickly the summers go here so don't miss a minute!