A Community People Strive For: Royalwood, Winnipeg

A Community People Strive For: Royalwood, Winnipeg

Royalwood offers an escape from the city without actually leaving. As soon as you enter the Seine River Greenway’s Trail, you’re immersed in a 90 acre wetland that is the home to several ecosystems. The further down the trail you go, the less you remember you’re in the hub of Winnipeg’s southend. 

The area has always been an easy sell to nature lovers who need the convenience of the city.  Although, one can’t help to notice the lack of immediate amenities like schooling, nearby grocery stores, and even live entertainment. 

Without the usual sought after conveniences, how has Royalwood remained a popular choice among Winnipeg residents? 

Naturally Beautiful Elements 

If someone says Royalwood, the automatic thought in everyone's head is nature. The neighbourhood is beautifully framed between the organic flow of the river and boulevards that are full of greenery. 

The 3.1km Seine River Greenway’s Trail is an easy choice when visiting Royalwood, especially if you welcome wildlife. Whether you’re canoeing, running or cycling you can enjoy the crisp air of the forest and pass by Peachleaf Willows, Common Milkweeds, monarch butterflies, deer, or various birds. 

Royalwood also offers a handful of well maintained parks to choose from. Some offer kid-friendly options like a playground and others are perfect for an afternoon picnic. 

Either way, if you take a stroll down Shorehill Drive you’re guaranteed to enjoy the calm environment and find a perfectly placed bench to match your mood. 

It’s no coincidence that Royalwood’s natural features are the highlight of the area either. During the first and second phase of building, restrictions were put in place so the natural elements couldn’t be harmed. 

98% of the forested area – almost 90 acres – were preserved.

To this day the wetland is being protected. An organization called “Save Our Seine” is dedicated to the preservation of the river and surrounding area. Thankfully so, because this beautiful landmark was almost a place of litter instead of livelihood. 

Flashback to the 80’s: the Seine River wasn’t the focus point of Royalwood. That spotlight was stolen by newly built roads. With new roads: new transportation, new neighbors, and new waste came.

Unfortunately, it got worse before it got better. Reports of the river smelling like chemicals were made and in some years the water barely flowed. Luckily in the 90’s a group of residents took matters into their own hands and decided to restore the Seine River. 

This process took years of hard work, dedication, and several volunteers and paid workers. Without the commitment of the original Save our Seine River Committee, the current organization, and the devoted community, the gem of Royalwood could have been a health hazard instead of the honoured landmark it is today. 

Prestigious Neighbourhood 

The Royalwood area is probably the most popular real estate spot with the least amount of commercial amenities. Typically this would discourage home buyers, but it actually enhances the lifestyle of the residents. 

Royalwood offers a safe and clean neighbourhood that boasts real estate. It’s livability score ranks better than 98% of other Winnipeg areas and the crime rate is 43% lower than the national average. 

The quiet neighbourhood consists of married couples (85% of residents) and households with children (55% of residents)

Necessities aren’t immediate, but they aren’t far away either as long as you own a vehicle. The neighbourhood is nicely nested between St Vital and Island Lakes. 

St Vital is rich with shopping establishments. The mall itself has over 150 stores. Not to mention there are cafes, restaurants, and professional services on nearly every street. You have the choice of St Vital or Island Lakes for schooling, but bus routes are limited. So get ready to double as a taxi driver. 

It’s clear the minimal amenities and focus on the community plays into Royalwood’s prestiguest title and compliments their peaceful ambiance. 

Summer’s Paradise 

With summer spanning 3 months out of the year, picking a home that celebrates the warmth is a wise choice. 

Many of Winnipeg’s sought after areas have an abundance of outdoor activities readily available. The Corydon area has patios, Downtown has outdoor festivals, Osborne is flooded with shops, and the list goes on. 

Royalwood residents are well equipped with wholesome outdoor leisures. 

A summer in Royalwood offers tranquility: momentarily you’ll forget about the busyness of your day, the buzzing of your phone, and your ability to be blind to your surroundings. The peak of the day isn’t what you’re attending, but where you’re going to enjoy your time.

Classic activities like cycling down the green pathways, sunbathing in your spacious yard, paddling across the river, playing ball at a nearby field, are fan favourites in the community. 

People from all over Winnipeg spend their summer days exploring the Bois-des-Esprits forest and the Seine River Greenway’s Trail. Spanding 117 acres, it’s home to 5 ecosystems and a hidden art gallery. 

Multiple art carvings live throughout the trails: find them at your own will or follow this map to locate each piece. Many of the trees that were carved, were destined for removal before their artistic value emerged. The most well known carving is Woody-Mhitik. Yes, the carving has a name, and yes it has a full backstory

Simple summer fun doesn't stop with Woody-Mhitik. St Anne’s Road has your cravings covered with Gelati, Sushi, Thai, and even Wine options. 

If you relocate to Royalwood, a summer trip is no longer necassary.

A Community People Strive For

Royalwood is not a normal suburban community. It’s amicable atmosphere, beautifully sculpted landscapes, and pure tendencies create a unique and favourable living space. 

The organic landmarks are the main attraction, but the local’s authentic care is what makes you want to settle into a home. 

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Royalwood, you will need a real estate agent with first hand knowledge of the market and connections to sellers. Properties are famous for selling with little to no advertising. 

The Ed Dale Team is established in Royalwood and nearby communities. Partnering with a realtor from their real estate team guarantees you a dream home in a dream location. 

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Stunning Photography by our very own Kenzie Middleton.